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Year 3 & 4

How do we teach British values at St Cuthbert’s?

Being part of Britain.

We value and celebrate the diverse heritages of everybody at St. Cuthbert’s. Alongside this, we value and celebrate being part of Britain. In general terms, this means that we celebrate traditions, such as customs in the course of the year; for example, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Hannukah, Harvest Festival, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Lent, Advent, Firework Night etc. We also value and celebrate national events, a recent example being the Queen’s 90th birthday. Additionally, children learn about being part of Britain in our curriculum and what it means to be part of a modern multicultural society.

Miss McGill teaches our Y3 Class and Mrs Patterson teaches our Y4 Class

Long Term Plan-Y3

Long Term Plan-Y4