Our School

St Cuthbert’s Primary school is a voluntary aided one form entry primary school situated in Grindon, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. We have 249 children on roll who are taught in single age classes from Nursery to Year 6.

We are situated centrally in the parish community of St. Jeanne Jugan, serving the church cluster of Immaculate Heart of Mary (Springwell),  and Holy Rosary (Farringdon).

The Governors and staff aim to create a caring Christian community where children can flourish in a stimulating environment. Developing children’s faith is a central part of the school’s mission. Children are given opportunities to pray, reflect and worship throughout the school day. We have high expectations of all our pupils and we are committed to developing every child to the best of their ability.

The school benefits from a superb educational environment with facilities which include extensive grounds, a fully equipped ICT suite, interactive whiteboards in each class, a large dinner hall and a multi purpose hall.

Strong links are maintained with the local parish and local community. Our parish priest, Father Michael Humble, is a frequent visitor to school and has established the whole school regularly joining the parish community to celebrate mass. Each Wednesday a class joins parishioners and Father Michael in our school hall to share in prayer and taking part in Mass as a faith community. Feel free to join us at our weekly mass, at 10am.   

Our School Aims

Our school aims are as follows. They are not placed in order of importance:


  • St. Cuthbert’s is a Catholic school and we will provide all that is necessary for our children to develop their love for each other and the world in true Catholic tradition.


  • We aim to provide a welcoming environment and opportunities for children to become independent and active participants in their own learning.


  • We will have high expectations of our children and ensure that they reach their full academic and social potential.


  • We aim to provide a rich and balance curriculum that is well planned and effective in meeting the needs of all our children.


  • We will encourage children to become self disciplined and responsible and to nurture their awareness, respect and understanding of other people and the shared environment.


  • We recognise the importance of literacy and numeracy as the key components supporting the full curriculum and we will work towards high standards in all subjects.


  • We will monitor and evaluate the progress of each child, setting challenging targets based on individual needs and involving pupils and parents in the process.


  • We aim to make children aware that they live in a multi cultural community, from which they benefit and to which they contribute.


  • We aim to provide opportunities for all children to excel irrespective of race, class, gender, religion, culture or physical ability.


  • We will constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of our teaching to ensure that we provide an excellent education for our children.


  • We aim to create a successful working partnership where all those involved in the school community work together in a spirit of cooperation.


  • We will aim to provide children with experience beyond the school environment which will enhance their learning.


Our KS2 SAT Results

Please feel free to look over the data and information regarding St. Cuthbert’s   Year 6 SAT results. Over the last few years St. Cuthbert’s have seen a very encouraging upward trend in our Key Stage 2 SAT results, a trend we are striving to continually maintain and improve.


2019 Key Stage 2 Sat Results

Please click on the below link to view the Department for Education (DfE) Performance league tables, where you view information on the achievements of the pupils in our school, and how we compare with other schools in the Local Authority area and in England as a whole.

Department for Education Performance League Tables - St. Cuthbert's R.C. Primary, Sunderland